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Want to have a nice intimate dinner with your favorite adult actress? Want to ask her every question that’s on your mind? Or would you just like to get to know her and see if the two of you “click”? It IS possible. But you have to come to Las Vegas to do it.

Ember Snow offers dinner dates to gentlemen from all walks of life. These dates last two hours and can take place at any restaurant in the Las Vegas area. The price for this is $1K for two hours (appx) of her time. It is important to know that the entire date will take place in the restaurant. It doesn’t include going any “further.” Ember always dresses classy and won’t embarrass you in any way, so she asks that you do the same.

How To Book:

To book a dinner date with Ember, email her assistant, Valerie, at askembersnow@gmail.com. When you inquire, please include the following:

– What day you are hoping to book her for (or a date range) and time

– If you have a restaurant preference or if you’re going to let Ember choose

– Are you a regular client of Skype shows, an OF subscriber or you talk to her regularly on SextPanther. If so, what name do you go by?

– Do you use Venmo or CashApp

Below are some more things to take into consideration before booking:

– Ember will arrive on her own and leave on her own. She will never enter a private vehicle or go to a private residence or hotel room that isn’t her own.

– Ember requests that you sit at a table across from one another or on the “corners.”

– There will be no physical interaction unless Ember initiates it.

– It’s OK to talk to her about her work, but she asks that you be discreet about it with the staff.

– Ember will not drink alcohol on these dates. She’s OK if you do, so long as you keep it under control

– If Ember is made to feel uncomfortable at any time, she reserves the right to leave.


Payment is done through Venmo or CashApp. If you do not have access to these platforms, please contact Valerie and make other arrangements.

At the time of booking, there will be a 50% down payment required. This is to hold the date for you. This down payment is “semi” refundable. If Ember needs to cancel for any reason, she will refund the down payment. If you must cancel and rescheduling within a reasonable time period isn’t possible, then the down payment is forfeited.

The balance of the fee is due at the beginning of the dinner. The remaining amount must be paid in cash. Ember will usually give this to her security before they leave her alone with you.

Want to talk to Ember about the date and make plans with her directly? Book a Skype session with her here….


It is, but it could be very expensive. If you want her to come to you specifically, you’d have to pay airfare and hotel rooms for Ember and her security. On top of that, she would need to be compensated for being taken off her normal work schedule for the days she is away from Las Vegas. This could run anywhere from 1200-1800 a day. One dinner date trip could end up costing over $5K. It would be more cost effective for you to come to Vegas yourself. Besides, don’t you deserve a vacation to Sin City?

Yes. Just look at the personal appearances page and see where she’s going to be. In some situations, she will even travel a short distance to fulfill a dinner date request. Just contact Valerie and ask her if bringing Ember to you is possible.

Ember’s favorite food is pizza, but these dates usually take place in Steak, Seafood, Italian, and Filipino restaurants. But these are not the limitations. You are always welcome to make suggestions for where this dinner will take place.

Some clients do it to spend extra time talking with her or even wandering the casino floors. She is able to spend more time with you at a rate of $500 per hour. This time MUST be booked in advance.

Ember’s schedule is usually very tight. If she doesn’t have any other booking to go to, she could make an exception and accept more time from you so long as the payment is made on the spot. However, for extensions, she does require cash.

You can ask just about anything, but if a topic is something she’d rather not discuss, she will politely let you know. A gentleman never asks a lady her age, her politics, or her religion. She likes to keep the conversation fun and upbeat.

For that, please visit the private shows page and read all the information there. Dinners and private shows can be booked together so long as all the requirements are met.

 You can spend that time with her at a rate of $500 per hour. Any money you give her to gamble with plus any winnings is hers to keep as well.

It’s possible. The event would have to be something that she can arrive at on her own and leave on her own. Her security would have to approve of the venue. There has to be an appropriate cell phone signal. The rate of $500 per hour applies and the full time must be booked in advance. Some requests that have an open-ended time limit or require her to go someplace private or unsafe will be rejected.

No. Ember loves to hug people and if she feels comfortable with you, then that’s about the best thing you can expect.

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