Want to meet the porn star of your dreams?  You can get personal time with Ember Snow through Skype dates. You can just talk to her, ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask, or you can take things further and explore your wildest fantasies.

A “Basic” Skype will include conversation with her, she will strip naked, pleasure herself and bring herself to orgasm for you.  What you do on your end of the webcam is up to you, but turn on your camera so Ember can watch what you do as well.

For those who are a little more daring, there is a whole menu of “Add-on” options.  These range from costume requests and roleplaying scenarios up to Ember pleasuring herself with her largest adult toys.

Ember is available most days of the week between the hours of 6:00pm and 3:00am her time (Pacific).  Exceptions would be if she is traveling or previously booked.  Reserving a time with Ember in advance is always best, but sometimes she takes last minute appointments.

To book time with Ember, send an e-mail to her assistant, Valerie at

Please include the following information:

  1.  Your name
  2. The day and time you are wanting to reserve
  3. How long of show you want (15 minutes, 30 minutes, One Hour or more)
  4. Any add-ons
  5. Would you be making payment by Venmo or CashApp?

Please include ALL of the above information with your request.

RATES for Basic Skype Shows

Up to 15 minutes – $100

Up to 30 minutes – $200

Up to one hour – $300


Once payment is complete, you will be asked to e-mail Valerie your Skype information.  This includes your Skype Name and the e-mail or phone number associated with the account.  Valerie will forward this information over to Ember.

If you and Ember are not connected on Skype, then she will send you a connection request just before the session is to start.  If you are already connected, then she will send you a message asking if you are ready.  When you’re ready, let her know and SHE WILL CALL YOU.

Please, do not try calling Ember yourself.  Wait for her to contact you.

People who try randomly calling her will be blocked, the email of the caller will be forwarded to Valerie and they will be banned from doing sessions with her.


Costume Requests – $25-$100 (depends on the costume)

Role Playing Scenario – $25-$100 (depends on the theme and complexity of the request)

Simulated BJ – $75

Vibrator (Outside of vagina) – $50

Squirt – $150 (done once per session and at end of show, requires advance reservation)

Belessa Toy (most intense orgasms) $100 for every five minutes used)

Butt Plug – $150

Vibe toy (inserted) – $150

Average Dildo (inserted) – $200

Large Dildo (inserted) $250

Huge Dildo (inserted) – $300

Average Anal Dildo – $250 (requires advance reservation)

Large Anal Dildo – $300 (requires advance reservation)

Huge Anal Dido – $350 (requires advance reservation)

Sex Toy Double Penetration – $400 (requires advance reservation)


Q:  When will the clock start on my session?

A: As soon as the session starts.  There is no “chit chat” period.

Q:  Will Ember say my name when she has an orgasm?

A:  Ember will make this as personalized as possible for you.  This includes saying your name throughout the sex portion of the session.

Q:  I don’t have Venmo or CashApp.  How can I pay for these services?

A:  Ember prefers Venmo and CashApp.  She has access to a PayPal account, but it is not her preferred way of doing business.  She sometimes makes exceptions by accepting Amazon e-Gift Cards.  These are usually for sessions totaling $200 or more.

Q: I want to get multiple add-ons.  Does she offer any kind of a discount?

A:  Each add-on is priced to be an individual act that involves time, preparation, and recovery.  As a result of this, she doesn’t usually offer any discounts.  However, if you purchase any kind of dildo add-on that requires insertion, she will throw in the simulated BJ ($75 value) free.

Q: I don’t live in the USA and my time zone doesn’t match up with Ember’s.  Am I still able to book time with her?

A:  Anything outside of her time zone (6pm to 3am Pacific Time) would have to be requested and booked in advance.  There are rare exceptions when she is available during the day, but it is always best to try and book your session a day or two ahead of time.

Q:  Does Valerie do Skypes?

A:  No.  Valerie is not a performer and please do not ask her.

Q: I sent an email to and haven’t heard a response.  What should I do?

A: The amount of email Valerie deals with is quite large.  Just be patient.  Sometimes it will take 15 minutes up to a couple hours for a response.  If you haven’t heard anything for 24 hours, send another e-mail.  It might have gone to spam initially.

Q:  I have already Skyped with Ember before and would just like to contact her directly and book the Skype.  How can I do this?

A: You can’t.  She doesn’t answer messages on Skype.  All bookings must go through Valerie at

Q:  I follow Ember on or and chat with her regularly on there.  Can’t I just book the session and pay for it through there?

A:  No.  In some rare cases, Ember will set up a session through those platforms, but payment MUST come through CashApp or Venmo (or any other approved method) after the terms of the show have been agreed upon.  If you try to pay through OnlyFans or SextPanther, they will take a commission.  You will be asked to send an additional 25% before the show can start.

Q:  I’ve already done shows with Ember in the past and know her Venmo and CashApp.  Can’t I just send her the money and then set the show up?

A:  No.  If you pay the money before the show is reserved, you run the risk of her being in another show, on a dinner break, or just not available at all.  It is RESPECTFUL TO ASK for something before assuming you will get what you want.  Please, always treat Ember and her staff with respect.

Q: I booked a show with Ember for a certain time and it turns out I am not ready.  Will she wait for me to be ready?

A: Absolutely not.  When you make a commitment with a lady, you should keep it.  Ember has an amazing track record of being punctual for her appointments.  Making her wait for you is not only rude, but it ends up costing her money.  If you want to delay the start of the show, email Valerie at and ask for a new time.  Please understand that her schedule may not allow for the time you are requesting.

Q: I had to cancel my show.  Is there any chance at a refund?

A:  If the show is NOT rebooked within 48 hours of the original show, the fee is forfeited.

Q:  Can I request an add-on after the show begins?

A:  Ember can’t always honor all add-on requests.  It’s best to ask for them during the booking process so you will know what you can and cannot get during the show.  There are RARE occasions where Ember will allow additional requests during the show, but you must understand that the clock is ticking the whole time you are negotiating and paying for the service and for Ember to prepare the add-on as well (looking for costumes, retrieving toys and preparing them, etc)